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Pond Maintenance in Portland, OR

Naturescapes & Watergardens in Portland, Oregon, specializes in pond design and maintenance.

Pond Maintenance

Naturescapes & Watergardens has many happy customers in the pond maintenance program. This program uses natural means to keep your pond clean. This leaves you and your fish happy. We schedule these visits so that the timing is natural for your pond.

Most issues with water features stem from a lack of hardware. You could be missing planting pockets, a bio-filter, or there could have been an issue with installation. Call Naturescapes & Watergardens today to let us rebuild your pond. 503-658-5588.


Naturescapes & Watergardens will find and repair leaks in your pond. We provide testing to help keep your cost down. Pond leaks in Portland, Oregon, can cause algae problems and a high water bill.


Naturescapes & Watergardens provides one-time cleanings and cleaning programs. Ponds with fish cannot be cleaned between October and April. Ponds without fish can be cleaned at any time.

Our Process

  1. We remove the water.
  2. We place the fish in a 4x8 tank (which we provide).
  3. We pressure wash the feature and muck it out.
  4. All debris will be removed and hauled off.
  5. We dress the liner, as needed, with river gravel.
  1. We refill the pond.
  2. We check the PH balance and adjust as needed.
  3. We dechlorinate the water, add beneficial bacteria, and barley bales.
  4. All lights will be cleaned.
  5. Fish will be returned to their home.
We do not provide a warranty on the fish but we take very good care of your pets.

Other Water Features Available

  • Planting Pocket Construction
  • Predator Deterrent
  • Skimmer Box & Bio-Filter Installation
  • Bridges
  • Perch Rock
  • Pergolas
  • Waterfall
  • Floating Stepping Stones
  • Auto Fill Service or Overflow Drainage
  • Gazebos
  • Stream Bed
  • Custom Decks
  • Patios
  • Screen Decks
  • Bog Additions